Air Filter – 35mm, Conical, Waterproof, Angled, Yimatzu Brand, Red / 60A1352RD
4 January 2019
Intake – 27mm, Engine Intake / 20A9270
4 January 2019

Air Filter – 35mm, Sponge, Angled, Yimatzu Brand, Black / 60A2350BK


This is a 35mm standard flow Sponge air filter comprised of 2 layers of sponge with differing porosity. The outer sponge layer is most porous and is both removable and washable. The inner layer is comprised of a denser sponge for optimal filtration VS air flow. The intake tube (connecting hose) is angled. This air filter has a total length of 11cm. The filter has a diameter of 9.5cm and length of 7.5cm.