CDI – Motorcycle JOG 50 Yamaha (3KJ) / 10A5110
22 December 2018
Carburetor – 26mm, Manual Choke / 80A2260
2 January 2019

Carburetor – 18mm, Electric Choke, 50cc to 90cc, GY6 / 80a8180


Electric choke 18mm Carburetor most commonly used for (and not limited to) 50cc GY6 style engines. Also used for some 2-stroke 49cc, 4-stroke 49cc, 50cc, 70cc and 90cc scooters (direct replacement carburetor for the 49cc/50cc Benelli scooters for example) and smaller 4-stroke automatic ATVs and go karts / buggies.

  • Manifold Inner Diameter: 18.29mm
  • Manifold Outer Diameter: 28mm
  • Breather Inner Diameter: 34.8mm
  • Breather Outer Diameter: 39.6mm