Clutch – Automatic, 50cc to 140cc, CB125,17 Teeth / 30A3000
3 January 2019
Piston and Ring Set – 47cc, 49cc, 40mm, 10mm (6pcs) / 30P8410
3 January 2019

Engine Cover – Stator Cover, 50cc to 125cc, Electric Start, Top Mount Starter, 4-pole / 70A2000


This side cover is most commonly used for (and not limited to) 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, 110cc and 125cc electric start horizontal motors (horizontal engines) with the starter located on top of the engine (called “top mount” or “upper” or “up” starters configurations). Most commonly used with 4-pole engine configurations (for 6 pole see part number 70A2005).