Carburetor – 30mm, Remote Choke with Primer / 80A6300
21 January 2019
Rim – Rear 12” Chrome, Steel Dirt Bike Rim 1.85×12 Disc Brake / 40D4221CR
21 January 2019

Carburetor – 30mm, Manual Choke with Primer / 80A3300


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Carburetor 30mm manual choke, includes primer to help with cold starts and starting under high moisture conditions. This carb has a 42mm breather opening and the mounting holes are 48mm apart center to center.

  • Manifold: 29.7mm
  • Breather Inner Diameter: 38.5mm
  • Breather Outer Diameter: 43.3mm
  • Bolt Mount (centre to centre): 48mm