Carburetor – 27mm, Remote Choke (With Cable Attachment) / 80A5270
20 December 2018
Carburetor – 22mm, Manual Choke / 80A2220
20 December 2018

Carburetor – 30mm, Remote Choke (With Cable Attachment) / 80a5300


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This 30mm/40mm carburetor with remote choke attachment is most commonly used for (but not limited to) 125cc 150cc, 200cc and 250cc ATVs and dirt bikes. Also very commonly used for many models of golf carts and other models of Go karts / buggies and some scooters.

  • Manifold Inner Diameter: 29.7mm
  • Breather Inner Diameter: 39.2mm
  • Breather Outer Diameter: 43.5mm
  • Bolt Mount (centre to centre): 48mm