Starter – 200cc to 250cc, 11 Tooth / 30A1110
21 December 2018
Muffler – Honda Style 5.5HP / 6.5HP (GX160, GX200) Muffler with Shield / MFL5140
21 December 2018

Ignition Coil – Honda Style 5.5HP / 6.5HP (GX160, GX200) / 10A2055


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This ignition coil is a direct replacement for the Honda brand and Honda clone 5.5hp (GX160) and 6.5hp (GX200) style engines, as well as many versions of the 8hp (GX240), 9hp (GX270), 11hp (GX340) and all similarly designed motors in that range. This ignition coil applies to our 10A9000 and 10A9005 engines. Corresponding Honda part numbers are 30700-ZE1-013 spark plug cap and 30500-ZE1-063 solid state module.